Fineline Surfboards Single Fin Pin Wing

>>Single Fin Pin Wing

Not to be confused with early “70s aloha madness coffin streakers, this board is based on 1978-1980 singles, tuned down in thickness to modern sensibilities, tuned up in rocker, with a double-ender template. Come 6’0 to 7’0-plus.

Pictured is a 6’8:
14 1/4 X 20 1/4 X 14 X 2 5/8

Like all good singles, it has a very smooth and predictable feel in both turns and trim. Don’t be afraid of a lot of fin- I recommend an 8.5 L-Flex, 8.0 Greenough 4A, or the wide base L-Flex 9.0B. As always, move it around! It Makes a difference. This template also makes an evil six-channel!


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