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>>The Scorpion

In longboards, there are pintails, and then again there are pintails. The Ant is an example of one type; the tail hip is moved back and elongated to produce a crack-the-whip turn.
The Scorpion is the other type; the pin is “added” to a squaretail template- the hip, fin, and pivot remain the same, “V” in the pin keeps it from sticking during pivot turns.

The difference shows when you commit the board on rail- pins carve like no squaretail can. The Scorpion carries a generous nose with a slight concave, with a medium width, and a medium to pinched 50/50 rail throughout.

Shown is Bjørn’s “Red Baron”,
a 9’7” 18 1/8 x 23 x 14 3/4 x 2 15/16

The glass-on is a carve-friendly dedicated Scorpion template. With a box, the Greenough 4A has the same, but more forgiving vibe. A Velzy Noserider enhances pivotability.


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