Fineline Surfboards MK4

>FUNSTUFF models

Full width, full volume, even low rocker.

Idesigned this as a big guy funboard, to fill the no-man’s land in between 8 and 9 feet.

The even, rather than back-flatted rocker provides turnability, while the massive surface area provides glide.

Even though it’s built for big people, it’s still very turnable for those who want a stable, cruisy platform.

For smaller folk, think of it as a very manuverable longboard that will catch anything, and it behaves well in bigger surf.

Pictured is an 8’0 X 3 1/4: 17 3/4 X 23 X 15 1/2 I make ‘em from 7’6 to 8’10.

Fin setup is standard 3 fin or two plus one on the bigger sizes.

This board differs from the Egg by having a wider nose, more rocker, and a higher nose volume thickness distribution.


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