Fineline Surfboards MicroAnt


A genu-ine single fin dsplacement hull stub.

It differs from most fo the fine stubs out there by having a blatant “pig” tail template, a la the old Nat Young and Wayne Lynch Evo-Era first generation shortboards.

This gives theis board an added turnability off the tail that normal stubbies usually lack, without sacrificing classic hull-carving “hum” when the front end’s weighted.

What’s really scary about this board is how beginner friendly it is- I’d ike to think that like an old horse, it just knows the way home.

Typical dimensions, 7’0” to 8’6”: 16 1/2-ish x 21 to 22-ish x 15 1/2-ish.

It always shows up with a fine flex fin of my choice: you mess around with placement!


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