Fineline Surfboards FunFishShort


A long time favorite. Funboardish template,
shortboard rocker and thickness distribution,
and the Bad Acid Bottom.

Super fast down the line, lots of glide, and
super easy to turn from the middle of the board.

Built initially as a longboard alternative mush monster, it works surprisingly well in juicier, hollow surf, and it’s versatility makes it a great first “real” board for those wishing to downsize and upgrade performance from a funboard without losing a lot of paddle.

Sizes range from 6’6 to 7’2, sized a half-foot
to a foot taller than you.

7’0 X 15 3/4 X 21 1/4 X 14 1/2 X 2 13/16

Finned as a standard tri, FCS or Future,
G5s or F-EA.

Very twin-finnable, especially Future
TFs plus baby back


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