Fineline Surfboards CUE


Fast. Really fast. The Cue was designed
to be a quad from the water up. This is
a drive-from-the-back high performance
board that’s good for all sizes and types
of waves. The low volume rails have a full
bottom radius so they’ll carve without
sticking. The crescent tail loosens the
normally stiffer quad setup and frees the
board up for vertical moves. The wide rear
end means you can ride this board one
or two inches shorter and a taste thinner
than a high performance 3-fin.
Pictured is a 6’1” X 2 1/8:
11 1/4 X 18 1/4 x 14 1/2
Fins of preference are the Future Quad;
another good setup is F4 front and SB3
back for a looser feel.


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